ScaleIO-Framework for Apache Mesos



The ScaleIO Framework deploys Dell EMC ScaleIO as a simplified task in Apache Mesos. All the required components to consume and provision storage volumes from a ScaleIO cluster are automatically deployed and configured on the Mesos Agents. This creates an automated mechanism to have a fully configured and reliable persistent storage solution for containers running on Apache Mesos.

Key Features

What it does

Container runtime schedulers need to be integrated with every aspect of available hardware resources, including persistent storage. When requesting resources for an application the scheduler gets offers for CPU, RAM and disk.

To be able to offer persistent storage in a scalable way, the ScaleIO Framework installs and configures all necessary ScaleIO, a Software-based Storage Platform, components along with all the "glue" to connect Mesos and ScaleIO to service applications requiring persistent storage.

Framework workflow

What does the ScaleIO Framework really do under the covers? Up to this point, its been stated that the Framework automates the lifecycle of ScaleIO and any related components required to provision external persistent storage in a "run it and forget it" fashion, but what does that really mean?

The ScaleIO Framework performs the following steps on deployment. It installs and configures:

  1. Any dependencies required for ScaleIO to run. This is done via apt-get or yum.
  2. The ScaleIO SDS (or Server) package. This is the service that takes designated disks (physical or virtual) and contributes them to the ScaleIO cluster.
  3. The ScaleIO SDC (or Client) package. This is the service that provides access to ScaleIO volumes created within the ScaleIO cluster.
  4. REX-Ray which provides Mesos the ability to provision external storage for tasks that are backed by Docker containers.
  5. mesos-module-dvdi and DVDCLI which provides Mesos the ability to provision external storage for tasks that using the Mesos Universal Containerizer. This includes any configuration required on the Mesos Agent nodes.

Installation and Configuration

Installation is fairly simple as it only requires a simple curl command to deploy the Framework. There are some prerequisites that are required however. You can find more information on the Installation Page. There are various configuration options available as well that will allow you to tune and customize your deployment of ScaleIO.

Hello ScaleIO-Framework

Looking for a video demo or to get some hands on experience with demo environment? Take a look in the Users Guide section for instructions to quickly prop up an environment quickly.

Getting Help

Having issues? No worries, let's figure it out together.

GitHub and Slack

If a little extra help is needed, please don't hesitate to use GitHub issues or join the active conversation on the {code} Community Slack Team in the #mesos channel